Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quick Intro

I grew up in England.  I was always a decent runner.  Never the fastest, but usually in the upper percentiles.  I firstly ran track, and then moved to cross country.   I wanted to run the London Marathon when I hit 21.  I signed up, got in, but then got injured in training and didn't go through with it.  Ever since then I've always thought I needed to run one.  I started working in London, then got transferred to Chicago, and finally moved to Denver.  Life took over and other than a few well meaning attempts to start running again, I pretty much became a lazy blob.  Then I turned 40 and decided I'd run out of excuses for not running a marathon.  I started training, slowly at first, entered a few races, and have basically spent 2009 getting myself ready for Chicago on October 11th.  My goal is to BQ at the first attempt.  As I've done more and more, I've realized I can push myself further and further and feel good doing it - well - maybe not actually while doing it, but afterward.  I'm now thinking of running the Denver marathon the weekend after Chicago as well, and looking to try some of the more demanding races next year.  Mt Evans ascent, Pike's Peak, and perhaps a smaller ultra.  We'll see...  talk is cheap.

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