Saturday, October 10, 2009

Marathon Eve

Writing this the evening before the race from my hotel room. I hadn't planned on adding to the blog until after the marathon, but I'm needing something to do to fill the hours before I can attempt to sleep. Race kit is out, number pinned on, chip attached to shoe, clif shot gel packs ready, garmin charged, etc etc.

I'd love to be able to go to sleep now, but then I'd also love to win the lottery and I'm realistic to know that neither are going to happen. My sleep this past week has been horrendous. Despite getting a prescription of ambien from the doctor, I've still not been able to get more than 6 hours a night, and that mostly sleep drug induced so not good quality. I'm feeling very rough at the moment - at the point to where I'm convinced I'm getting a sore throat because I'm so run down. Not much I can do about it now though, and fortunately just one more tough night to go. The race starts at 7:30am, so tracking back through all the things that have to happen first, I'm going to be setting my alarm for 4:30am. I'd be amazed - and frankly ecstatic - if I managed to sleep to anywhere close to that late. My biggest concern is that the lack of sleep impacts my performance - I guess I'll know in 16 hours.

I flew into Chicago yesterday. It looked like half the plane was full of marathon runners. I tried to convince myself that was silly, but speaking to the girl next to me found she was running it - so maybe it wasn't so far fetched. I was out with a friend last night, and then this morning took the bus to the expo. Huge ! The thing was enormous. I met some friends from Chicago, and some neighbors from Denver, and was still in and out in a little over an hour. I tried to convince myself to not buy the $65 top, but with all the training for this first marathon I figured it was worth it. Back to the room attempting to nap, I eventually gave up and lay around watching college football finally heading back out for some noodles. I'm not a big pasta guy, and I'm sure every Italian Restaurant within 20 miles of downtown is fully booked anyway.

So here I am. 7:30pm. Sitting in the hotel room with just my nervous thoughts. Waiting. Tick tock... :)

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