Sunday, February 28, 2010

February in the books

Another month down and just 50 days to go until Boston.

The training program is starting to peak and touch wood (raising hand to my head) things are going well.

I'm going to close out February with a little over 270 miles. EASILY a monthly PR, in the shortest month of the year. The previous highest I'd run was 205 miles last August.

It was almost a completely injury free month. I missed just one day of scheduled running - last Thursday - with some pain on the top of my foot. I could have run through it, but played it safe with a tough workout the next day.

It's hard training through the winter. Snow obviously can't be predicted. Recently it's seemed to fall over the weekend coinciding with my longer runs forcing me inside to the treadmill. Running on the TM never seems as tough as running outside, so it's hard to correlate the times there to pavement.

Still, the positive is that I am training through the winter. Having the early Spring goal keeps the motivation going. Without it I'm sure it would be easy to see the snow and decide to bail on best intentions.

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