Tuesday, January 1, 2013

5 Continents of Running

A quick summary of 2012.

I had 2 main goals for 2012.  Complete the World Majors of Marathons, and run a sub-3 hour marathon.

From that perspective, 2012 could be deemed a bit of a failure.

I ran London and Berlin, and did indeed complete the 5 Major Marathons.  Until the following month when they decided to add Tokyo to the mix.  So now I've only got 5 of the 6.  I'll have to wait until 2014 to try to complete the set again.

The sub 3 marathon continued to be illusive.  London I didn't really go for it.  Berlin and Tucson I did, and both times came up just short (3.04 and 3.03).

But I'd be remiss to not reflect on a year that allowed me to run 50 or more miles on 5 of the 7 continents.

Through work or play, I got to run in Europe, in London and Berlin.  In Asia in Dubai.  In Africa in Cape Town.  In Australia in Perth and Sydney.  And obviously in the states, in multiple places.

I ended up with just over 2,500 miles for the year.  That was 500 down on 2011, when I ran my first - and probably only - 3,000 mile year.

Despite the lower mileage, my marathon times didn't seem to be impacted.  It looks like I can perform as well with 60 miles / week in a training cycle, as I could when running 70-80 mpw.

The goal for 2013 is simple.  Run sub 3.  With my new coach, Benita, and the group from the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, I believe it's definitely attainable.

Boston in April will be my 12th marathon.  Maybe that's the one ?  If not - then I'll try at the next one.

Below are some of the maps from my garmin showing some of the locations I've been lucky enough to run in in 2012.

So despite failing with the 2 main goals - 2012 was a good running year !

Dubai, including running around the man made 'Palms'

South from Cape Town along the coastal road, running in the shadows of Table Mountain

Laps of the Swan River in Perth

The 26.2 mile route of the London Marathon

A Hilly 6 mile loop I found in the Northern Beaches in Sydney

The Berlin Marathon

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  1. Those maps are incredible! Congrats on a fantastic year!

    I did Tucson as well (only the half, though). It's tough, but it's one of my most favorite races.